Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Emma's Hat

So I was just sitting around today watching Degrassi when I noticed Emma's Hat. I'm sure I've noticed it before, but this time my first thought was, Hey! I could make that! So, here it is, from Degrassi The Next Generation, episode 50, "This Charming Man." You remember, the one where Emma goes out with Chris and then uses him to "frame" Sean for stealing from the school. I did however, make it in pink camo instead of plain white. What? It's pretty! Can you see the crossed dc's? Very time consuming.. but definitely more worth it with a variegated yarn! I've tried to do them before with a solid color, and they just didn't show up very well.

I put it up on my etsy for $12. While I like to make hats, I really don't like wearing them. I can't stand flat hair.

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